Inscription Brick

Fire Circle Paver

They say that in order to create lasting memories, you must first pave the way. Each life sized bronze sculpture in the Mississippi River Sculpture Park at St. Feriole Island in Prairie du Chien, WI, are created to tell a story. All of the historical sculptures have been visitors of the Prairie du Chien area. Each bronze sculpture was created by master sculpture Florence Bird. You, too, can help to preserve these stories in the hearts and minds of future generations. You have the unique opportunity to create a lasting tribute. Pave the way with a commemorative paving brick,.The individualized inscription on each brick can honor your children or grandchildren, an anniversary, or a in memory of a loved one. The lines of personalized text varies with the size of the brick. The Mississippi River Sculpture Park is a city owned park and open, free of charge, year round....The paving stone is placed around the Central Fire Circle. One line permanent inscription.  $75.00 Cash or Check.