Living Statues–May 4, 2014

unnamed  If the rain doesn't stick around on May 4, some of the statues, present and future, will join visitors at the Mississippi River Sculpture Park, from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m.  If rain shows up on Sunday, May 4, Twilight of the Living Statues (TOLS) will be postponed until Saturday, May 10.
     Last year, as this photo shows, three statues chatted with a few of the many visitors to the Twilight of the Living Statues while Dr. Beaumont and his son rested next to their bronze images.
Which statues will show up this year?
  • Emma Big Bear....Chloe Lorenz
  • Riverboat Captain....Mike McCoy
  • Marianne Labuche....Alice Kirschbaum
  • Mastodon Hunter....Mike Valley
  • Victorian Lady....Janet Finn
  • British Redcoat...Robert Carlson
  • Chief Blackhawk.....Todd Crotty
  • Mound builder...Dennis Kirschbaum
  • Marquette and Joliet....Ethan Swiggum and Owen Feye
  • Dousman Daughters...Diamond Iverson
  • Another Dousman daughter and other living statues might surprise us too.  If the rain date is the right date, we'll send another update.