Prairie du Chien Fourth Graders Enjoyed The Twilight of the Living Statues

Fourth graders attending The Twilight of the Living States on May 4, 2014, were asked what they thought of the event. Below you will find a few of their responses.
What was your favorite part of the MRSP and why?
  • Jacob-Dr. Beaumont because he was a self-taught doctor. I learned he helped with a bad wound
  • Janet-The Voyager because his performance was outstanding. I learned how rich in history this area is.
  • Domonic-Marianne Labuche because she helped a baby survive with a hole in her head. I learned I could be related to her.
  • Zoey-I really liked the Mound Builder's presentation. I learned what things could be found in a mound.
  • Sophia-My favorite part were the three Dousman Daughters because they asked me questions. I learned that the Dousman family didn't have electricity, so when we run out of power during a storm I will think of their family.
  • Audrey- I liked the Mastodon Hunter because it was interesting to learn about what they used spearheads for. I learned that if we always keep our eyes open especially after a heavy rain, we may find many historical treasures.
  • Brittany-My favorite part was the Victorian Lady because she was nice and looked so much like her statue. I learned that Victorian women did not show much skin in the older days.
  • Justin-My favorite was The Riverboat Captain because his song told part of his story. I learned they carried all kinds of stuff on their boats up and down the river.
  • Myah-My favorite was the British Redcoat because I had learned about them in school and now I got to see one up close. I learned that red is not a good color for a soldier to wear because he can be seen easier and then shot at more often.
  • Jesse-my favorite was Emma Big Bear because she was so nice. I learned how the Indians lived and how they had to hunt to survive.
  • Jon-My favorite was Chief Blackhawk because I liked how he acted. I learned how he was involved in the battle of Bad Axe and I liked his stick.
  • Sara-I liked Father Mazzuchelli because he got St. Gabriels church built. I learned that he was a good and helpful man.

    Fourth Graders were also asked why they thought the park was important to our community and why they think everyone should visit
  • to tell us of our history
  • it's important to know the history of our area
  • the history; lots of history of PdC
  • it's important to know about the past and I think people should come and see this place because it is so cool
  • gives us more info what PdC was like in the past
  • you should visit because you can learn lots of things you might not have known
  • it will enrich the historical informational result of our community
  • because it's a nice place!
  • because it has much information about history and past things. It also has beautiful statues of the amazing people who have done so much in PdC and around the world
  • everyone should visit so they can talk to "alive" history
  • because it is exciting to see what is already here and what will be coming. I can't wait!