Erdenberger House

old cabin 2The two story log cabin, standing at 113 Villa Louis Road on St, Feriole Island, in Prairie du Chien WI, is known as the Charles and Minnie Erdenberger home and then known as William and Esther Obmascher home.(1) It is believed to be constructed by Chas Erdenberger in 1859.

Erdenberger left his wife, Wilhelmina Fritsche,  for Caroline Schultz (who was married at the time to William Snyder). Chas went back to Pennsylvania, where he changed his last name to Morganroth. (2)

When the houses were cleared from St. Feiole Island, the original house looked like the photo on the right. 10351908_10202827744283427_1158072999495428051_n The house picture is from the 4th ward relocation in the late 1960s.