Follies 2015 Page 5 1/2

mudslingerSome of our readers may be familiar with “Page Six”, the New York Times Magazine. “Page Six” reports all of the latest gossip and scoops of favorite celebs. So, in the spirit of “Page Six” The Mississippi River Sculpture Park sought out a free lance, rumor digging, Mississippi mud slinger of their very own.

The writer, known as Mississippi Mudslinger, agreed to publish a rumor magazine featuring juicy “tidbits” for  the Follies of 2015. The articles are not quite as good as the real “Page Six” – hence the name “Page 5 1/2”.


* Page 5 1/2 has learned about an unsubstantiated rumor that a couple of local radio personalities are thinking about becoming active participants in the next Follies - a want to be comedian and a one man band. Who could they be?

* Another source has indicated that a contest of sorts might involve local businesses that sponsor talent.  A traveling trophy will be awarded to that business for the most inventive act for Follies 2015.

Who will it be: The Pink Gloves, hospital technicians with an act involving the song “monster mash”, or maybe the folks at the Local Piggly Wiggly  starting a new dance fad – The Piggle-wiggle, or a famous tv celeb dancing to the Mississippi Mud Stomp?

*Baton Twirlers?  recent and not-so-recent baton twirlers from local area schools are rumored to be considering a performance. Will the performance also have flaming batons?

*This reporter has learned, via a recently found Ouija board, that premium seating may be available with special perks involving cavorting with celebrities at an after show party, hor de-arvores, swag bag, and photo ops.  

*and last for this blog, but not the least – a 50/50 raffle. Wahoo!

Stay tuned for the latest gossip and rumors heard around town about the Follies 2015.

Untruthfully Yours,

Mississippi Mudslinger