Prairie du Chien–1960’s

The mojoDallas Project is a web-site which shows 3D modeling  of virtual  buildings which were located in  Prairie du Chien in the 1960’s. Each virtual design is rendered  as realistically as possible. Along with each building, the author provides memories of the 1960’s while growing up in Prairie du Chien.

The author is a retired Senior Technical Fellow and Chief Information Technology Architect at a Fortune 100 company specializing in advanced technologies and large system integration.


The first rendering (photo left) is of the Panka Building, Bohonek Bakery, Metro Theater, Jim’s Bar, and McWilliams Optometrists. The web-site describes in detail how the model was rendered.

The first step in the virtual downtown 1960’s Prairie du Chien was developing a map  of Blackhawk Avenue showing the locations of each building. The author is still seeking photos of buildings.

The latest creation is Farrell Drug Store on the corner of of Minnesota and Blackhawk Avenue.  They had a counter where you could get ice cream.  The owner of the store was the Mayor of PDC