Looking over Voyageur Shoulder

Still Room for more.

Chief Black Hawk and Dr. Beaumont

Emma Big Bear and Victorian Lady

Aunt Marianne Labuche will be the next bronze sculpture. She was Prairie Du Chien's first Physician. She rescued and nursed her granddaughter, baby Louise Gagnier who had been scalped and left for dead. Photo is small replica.


Dedicated in 2013, the Mississippi River Sculpture Park Shelter will provide families and friends to gather, share a meal, and imagine the possibilities.


The “Fun-Raising Follies-AGAIN!” were made possible through the generous support of the following:

Our Mississippi River Sculpture Park Board members: Randy Paske, Cathie Nelson, Cindy Hertrampf, Melody Igou, Marlene Helgerson, Marilyn Leys,

Our ‘financial” advisors: Lori Bekkum and Dale Klemme of the CDA

The Prairie du Chien School System, in particular Andy Banasik , the Music Department of Phil Stiemke and Matt Lenz, and the Janitorial Staff

Our Production Crew: Luana and Jordan Stiemke, Tom Paulson, Harold Waterman and Studio 91, Kathy Paske, Stan and Barb Toberman, Debbie Morovits, Hunter and Brooke Boone and Jacob Melgosa, Crystal Priebe

Our generous donors and supporters: Dan Lipke and the Klements Sausages, WPRE, Howe Printing, The Courier Press, Pizza Hut, Leisure Time Sports Bar and Grill, Zinkle’s Piggly Wiggly, Valley Fish and Cheese, The Planted Tree, Deb’s Hair and Nails, Bob’s Bar, AmericInn, Coaches, Huckleberrys, The Sawmill Saloon, Fort Mulligans, Patrick and Janet Leamy, Dave and Joanie Skemp, Blair Dillman, The Chamber of Commerce, Channel 6, The Eagles Club, Butch Boland, Lori Frailey, The Local Oven, all of our performers and also everyone who bought a ticket…WE THANK YOU ALL!

Feeling bad about missing this year’s “Fun”-Raising Follies-AGAIN?

A professional DVD of the “Follies-AGAIN! 2015” is still available

to order for $15.00 each through February 15, 2015.

Please contact Cindy Hertrampf at (608) 326-4326 and

leave your order with your name and contact information.

Checks are made payable to the MRSP (Mississippi River Sculpture Park.)

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this year’s Follies a success!

See you next year! Keep up-to-date on the website www.statuepark.org

Fun Follies 2015

What could be more amusing than a show full of sarcastic songs, zany dances, hysterical jokes, exaggerated stories and riotous skits put on by your friends, neighbors and local celebrities?
For the second year in a row, the “Fun” Raising Follies, a variety—show fundraiser for the Mississippi River Sculpture Park, offered a uniquely good time that evoked plenty of laughter and side-splitting entertainment.
The show was brought back due to the overwhelming response from last year’s audience of around 400. It was held in the Little Theater at Prairie du Chien High School.
Three performances were scheduled for the weekend: Friday, Jan. 9 at 7:30 p.m., and Saturday; Jan; 10, at 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m..
This year's performances were funnier than last year’s. All new songs were be sung, new dances and skits performed and funny stories were told. “Mike McCoy’s interpretation of Lambeau Field and the Packers as Cousin Kletus was worth the price of admission alone,” Hertrampf said.
Descendants of Marianne Labuche, the local historical figure for which the park's next statue represents, were also in the audience for this years Follies. Their attendance helped the Mississippi River Sculpture Park board add some leaves to Aunt Marianne's family tree. A sign-up sheet was provided for each of the three family branches that begin with Marianne and her three husbands: Duchouquette, Claude Ganier and Charles Menard. Descendants added themselves to these family trees.
“It blows me away to think that there are still descendants of this amazing woman among us,,” Hertrampf said.
By unwinding at the Follies and taking in a good laugh, audience members helped the sculpture park gain its next planned statue. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the “Fun” Raising Follies will he used toward the statues at the sculpture park on St. Feriole Island.
“This fundraiser will really make, a big dent in the cost of the next sculpture. The scripture park represents the history of the people who walked in our community. It is such an amazing facility, we're very lucky to have in Prairie chi Chien,” Hertrampf added.

Mary Ann LaBouche

The Mississippi River Sculpture Park Board of Directors sponsored the “Fun”-Follies on Saturday and Sunday, January 9 and 10th as a fund raiser for the next sculpture to be added to the park. Artist Florence Bird's next creation will be Mary Ann LaBouche - first woman doctor in Prairie du Chien.

Mary Ann LaBouche was born prior to 1774 in Cahokia, Illinois. She was of African and French descent. Mary Ann moved to Prairie du Chien at a young age. She was married three times. Her first husband was a man named DuChouquette and they had two sons.

The second husband was a Gagnier and they had three sons and three daughters. Mary Anne's third husband was Charles Menard and together they had three sons and two daughters. At some point in her adult life she started to care For the sick and injured and delivered babies. When someone needed medical attention Aunt Mary was summoned. Even alter a surgeon was available at Fort Crawford many preferred Aunt Mary's help and her”yarb tea” to restore health.

We are all Familiar with the story of the baby who survived a scalping at the hands of the Winnebago and Red Bird on june 28, 1827. The baby's name was Mary (or Louisa Gagnier). Her Father was Rijeste Gagnier who was killed on that day and her grandmother was Aunt Mary. Aunt Mary's most Famous patient was presumed dead and was being prepared For burial when her breathing was noticed. Aunt Mary took over and nursed her granddaughter back to health. She supposedly put a piece of silver on the wound to cover and protect it.

Mary (Louisa) led a long and normal life. She married twice, her first husband was a man named Moreaux. He died in 1855 and left her with ten children.

The second husband was Coasm Cherrier. He was known by the name Comb. The couple had three children: Magdalene born December 6, 1863, Felix born October 7, 1865 and Louisa born February 29, 1868 and died in infancy.

Mary (Louisa) Cherrier lived to be 80 years old. She always wore a cap or piece of ribbon to cover the crown of her head. There are many in the area who can trace their roots back to Mrs.Cheerier and Aunt Marx

The “Fun” Raising Follies was a wonderful performance of singing, dancing and vaudeville-like acts. We have many talented people living in the area and it was truly a pleasure listening, watching and laughing during the very entertaining show.



follies flyer

Fri. January 9 and Sat. Jan 10, 7:30PM

    Matinee Sat. Jan 10, 2:00 PM

    Prairie du Chien High School Theater

    • Traveling trophy awarded to most creative and enjoyable act submitted from the business competition.

    • Fun filled acts that will thrill and amaze you.  

    • Share in the hilarity with Cousin Cletus and  local celebrities.

    • Surprises around each corner.

    • 50/50 Raffle

            Purchase tickets at the door. Cash or Credit card

            $10 General Admission $50.00 Premium Seating*

            Premium Seating includes:

          • First two rows reserved seating

          • Complimentary Follies – Again DVD to each family ($15 value)

          • Fun and frolic with performers at after party