Looking Back into the Future

Chief Black Hawk was the first bronze sculpture to be installed into The Mississippi River Sculpture Park, in 2005. Today, as the bronze sculpture stands on the pedestal, gazing across the Fire Circle, one’s imagination wonders how many times Chief Blackhawk, himself, gazed into the north horizon – hoping to find safety and peace for his people.
The fire circle stands today as a place where modern people gather to tell stories and warm themselves from the cool autumn days. The Leamy shelter offers  protection from the sun’s rays and gentle rain in the summer.  The forked tree suggesting a path split in two directions.
The story of Blackhawk eerily coincides with today’s placid scene. Blackhawks people using a fire to cook and warm themselves, a teepee for protection, and a choice of paths, which one would lead his people to safety? The answer is revealed along the Mississippi River.
The future of The Mississippi River Sculpture Park is also at a split along its path to completion. The choice of pathways is uncertain.  We are hopeful the path chosen will lead to further sculptures. The choice of pathways is yours.