Many Hands do Light Work

The exquisite detail of each life-sized, bronze sculpture in The Mississippi River Sculpture Park reveals the attention to detail undertaken by the sculptor, Florence Bird. Just as each sculpture tells a story of their visit to the Prairie du Chien area in times long past, the hands reveal the character of each sculpture.

The son of Dr. William Beaumont, Israel, reveals not only an interest of ones environment, but of the  playful side of all children. One can only imagine the conversation between father and son.  The occasion may have been used as a teachable moment as the father relates a story to the son about the importance of the relationship between humans and nature. Or, maybe, they’re just enjoying happy memories.

Being created in bronze, each sculpture’s patina reveals those places most touched by a park visitor. In almost each case, the hand reveals a soft glow, as if the visitor were reaching out to learn more about the sculpture.

The Mississippi River Sculpture Park, when complete, will have over 20 sculptures.  Each one created in bronze telling their story for generations to come.

The Prairie du Chien city park is open to all, free of charge each and every day.

Each new sculpture depends on contributions from individuals and, sometimes, corporations. Just as many hands do light work, many donations, no matter how small or large, will help to add a new sculpture. 

The hand of each sculpture reach out touching an object of importance. Whether holding a book, a black willow sapling, a pipe, or an umbrella, or a frog, the hands reveal the character of the sculpture. 

Each park visitor, by touching the sculpture’s hand, reaches out to make contact with a bit of history  that only can be found in the Mississippi River Sculpture Park. Your hand can reach out and help to grow this park for generations to come.