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Chief Black Hawk and Dr. Beaumont

Emma Big Bear and Victorian Lady

Aunt Marianne Labuche will be the next bronze sculpture. She was Prairie Du Chien's first Physician. She rescued and nursed her granddaughter, baby Louise Gagnier who had been scalped and left for dead. Photo is small replica.


Dedicated in 2013, the Mississippi River Sculpture Park Shelter will provide families and friends to gather, share a meal, and imagine the possibilities.

Dr. Beaumont and Son Israel: (installed June 10, 2006)

* Florence  Bird, sculptor

screenshot-mail.google.com 2016-05-19 09-55-35_thumbPeople at the Prairie du Chien Historical Society told me about the experiments that Dr. Beaumont performed on his patient, Alexis St.Martin. At the Fort Crawford Medical Museum I saw a picture of Dr.Beaumont and his family including his son Israel. Reginald Horseman from Milwaukee gave a talk about Dr. Beaumont and his family at the unveiling ceremony. The well-known name Beaumont is derived from Dr. Beaumont who was famous for his discoveries of the digestive system observed through the opening into Alexis St.Martin’s stomach, which was from a healed, but not closed bullet wound. These discoveries are still included in present day medical texts.

I chose to portray Dr. Beaumont as a family man and put the image of the caduceus on his coat buttons to signify that he was a medical doctor. When I screenshot-mail.google.com 2016-05-19 09-55-15_thumb[1]learned that Dr. Beaumont had a toupee we had fun at the foundry speculating whether we should make this a separate removable bronze hair piece. I put a frog in the hands of his son Israel, because I figured that little boys are fascinated with live wiggly things.

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