Chief Shin Ga Bo Wassin, Chippewa (Ojibwa) 1763 - 1828

Chief Shin Ga Bo Wassin, Chippewa (Ojibwa) 1763 - 1828 From the History Department of The Bay Mills Indian Community we learn: "The Saint Mary's River is the earliest permanent location for the Ojibwa peoples......Spring and Fall fishing brought all the bands together. The ruling clan was the Crane Clan. Chief Shingabawasin (Spirit Stone) received his chieftainship from his father and from his father before him......He was the First Chief of the band of St. Mary's and was one of the most respected and influential men in the Ojibwa nation. He signed the Treaty of 1820. This was the first treaty made with the United States in this area. He also signed the Treaty of Limits at Prairie du Chien in 1825, and the Treaty at Fond du Lac on August 5, 1826. He died in 1828."