Florence Bird - Sculptor

Receiving the inspiration for the sculptures, putting a vision together with my life training as a sculptor, interest in history and ancient lives has collaborated to make the creation of The Mississippi River Sculpture Park an amazing process!
Finding this deep ancient Mississippi valley and learning of the people who have inhabited this area and whose descendants are still calling this beautiful region home has been a great adventure.
Putting this all together to manifest in the form of life size bronze sculptures is beyond my wildest dreams. It really is happening! The adventure is boundless as more people become involved in telling their stories, assisting with the sculptures, landscaping the park grounds, spreading the word about the park and sponsoring individual sculptures.
I shall never find words adequate enough to describe what is happening in the unfolding of this vision. Truly, I am privileged to be the artist for this project. I look forward to the journey that will see completion of a life sized chronicle of the past for many futures to enjoy and discover from.
- Florence Bird, Artist

Florence Bird Studios