Make a Donation

Anyone who wishes to contribute to the development of the Mississippi River Sculpture Park at Prairie du Chien may make a tax-deductible donation in any amount.
Donations can be by check or credit card. Please make check out to:
Mississippi River Sculpture Park. Each check should be marked on the bottom for Mississippi River Sculpture Park and should be mailed to:
Mississippi River Sculpture Park
PO Box 395
Prairie du Chien, WI 53821

Bronze Plaque
In addition, major contributors ($5,000 or more) will be honored with their name in bronze on a plaque at the site of the sculpture park.
Sponsor a Sculpture
Donors who wish to sponsor an individual piece of sculpture (approx $95,000) will have their name inscribed in bronze on the sculpture and will receive a bronze scale model of that sculpture.
Sponsor a group of Sculptures
If an individual or group wishes to underwrite a whole group of figures for the sculpture park (approx $500,000 includes 5 statues and landscaping) arrangements will be made for a public dedication ceremony and a permanent bronze marker with the donor's name will be installed at the site of the sculpture park.

For more information regarding tax exempt donations please contact:
Dale Klemme
Community Development Alternatives