Looking over Voyageur Shoulder

Still Room for more.

Chief Black Hawk and Dr. Beaumont

Emma Big Bear and Victorian Lady


Dedicated in 2013, the Mississippi River Sculpture Park Shelter will provide families and friends to gather, share a meal, and imagine the possibilities.

Marianne La Buche

Marianne La Buche Dedicated June 7 2020.

When Sculptures Talk– mwnews – Dave Collins Video*

Sculpture_BlackhawkPrairie du Chien, WI - Something special happens when people channel a statue, history comes flooding back in a way that a book can’t convey. A person in costume taking on the persona of a historical figure, telling verbally what it was like for them at that point in history makes it real. Humans are story tellers. We empathize with someone when we meet person to person. The sculpture park in Prairie du Chien on St. Feriole Island had a group of volunteers bring the park’s sculptures of historical figures to life. See video highlights (HD - watch full screen). mwnews.net 

Nearly an estimated 125 people strolled through the Mississippi River Sculpture Park to listen and ask questions of statues come to life.   The event marked the official kickoff of a major fund raising campaign to bring to life the sixth bronze sculpture– Marianne Labuche.

Five life sized sculptures: Black Hawk, Dr. Beaumont and son Israel, Victorian Lady, Julian Coryer - Voyageur, and Emma Big Bear are already installed.

The statues that came to life were:

  • Emma Big Bear
  • Riverboat Captain
  • Marianne Labuche
  • Mastodon Hunter
  • Victorian Lady
  • British Redcoat
  • Chief Blackhawk
  • An archaeologist
  • Father Jacques Marquette
  • Dousman Daughters

The event also marked the introduction of Friends of the Mississippi River Sculpture Park.  Becoming a Friend is a great way to get your family involved and to do as much or as little as you'd like. Additional information can be found here.


HD Video by mwnews – Dave Collins

Photo (by Dave Collins): Todd Crotty portraying Chief Blackhawk.