What’s in a Name?

name-tagSpelling Complicates Search for Descendants*

            Searching for descendants of Marianne Labuche has gotten me into the most complicated spelling puzzle of my life.  The grandmother who saved her granddaughter's life was French, but by 1830, the officials who were writing down names were English speakers, so they recorded names the way they thought they were hearing them.  The biggest change I know of, so far anyway, was a family named Gauthier then, now known as Gokey.  But the Gokeys aren't anywhere on the Labuche family tree, so that spelling isn't my problem.
            Depending on where a descendant discovered the name of the grandmother, she would be listed in the records as Mary Ann or Marianne, La Buche or La Bouche.  She was listed as Marianne Labuche when local historian Mary Antoine found the name in the records for her children's baptisms and her marriage to Charles Menard, her third husband.
The grandmother had 13 children, and one of those was Registe Gagnier or Francois Regis. The first spelling showed up in a document about that branch of the family tree provided by Alice DuCharme Kirschbaum, a descendant who lives in Prairie du Chien. This ancestor was the father of Louise, the name used on her baptism and her marriage to her first husband, Amable Moreaux, or Louisa, as some other records list her.
The Mississippi River Sculpture Park Board has decided to rely on the spelling as it shows up on the list provided by Mary Antoine as the most accurate. Here are the names of the 13 children of the first generation, plus the 13 children the injured baby brought into the world with her two husbands after she healed and grew up.
Children of Marianne Labuche
1. Married Duchouquette
Francois Duchouquette
Charles Duchouquette
2. Married Claude Gagnier
Helen born circa 1795
Francois Regis born circa 1796
Claude born circa 1798
Melanie born circa 1800
Adelaide born circa 1800
3. Married Charles Menard 12 May 1817
Julie born 6 April 1805
Margueritte Born 6 April 1805
Charles born 22 February 1807
Louis born 1814
Pascal born about 1815
Children of Marie Louise Gagnier
1. Married Amable Moreaux 5 August 1843
Isadore born 1844
Aurelie born 1846
Caroline born 1847 (Dead by 1855)
Lillian born 1848 (Dead by 1855)
David born 1852
Virginia born 1 September 1853*
Sophia born 1856*
Emilie born 1857
Rosana born 1858*
Esther born 1859*
2. Married Combe Cherrier 1 March 1863
Madeline born 1863
Felix Combe born 1865
Louise born 1869
*In 1870 Federal Census listed with the last name Cherrier
In addition to Francois Regis, we've heard recently from a descendant of his brother Basil. And from the branch that starts with the granddaughter, we've also heard from a descendant of Isadore. If you see a name that sounds familiar, even if the spelling isn't, please let us know at marl@centurytel.net.
--Marilyn Leys