Looking over Voyageur Shoulder

Still Room for more.

Chief Black Hawk and Dr. Beaumont

Emma Big Bear and Victorian Lady


Dedicated in 2013, the Mississippi River Sculpture Park Shelter will provide families and friends to gather, share a meal, and imagine the possibilities.

Marianne La Buche

Marianne La Buche Dedicated June 7 2020.

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There is simply no other park like this in the Midwest. Dare I write, in the US!

The Mississippi River Sculpture Park is  included in the wiki list of sculpture parks (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_sculpture_parks) This, in itself, is no small accomplishment.

The Mississippi River Sculpture Park is in the second oldest city in Wisconsin. Prairie du Chien is located in the Driftless Area of south western Wisconsin, a few paddle strokes north of the confluence of the Mississippi River and Wisconsin Rivers. It’s open 365 days of the year, free of charge for all. There is no playground. It is a park with no swings, jungle gym, slide, or sand box. It is a city-owned park. It is on an island surrounded by the waters of the Mississippi River. This, alone should make it unique.

St Feriole Island Western sandy shore touches the East channel of the Mississippi River. Throughout the eons of time, many people have set foot on the sands and perhaps, walked inland in search of food or protection from the elements of nature. The Mississippi River Sculpture Park is dedicated to these visitors who may have stayed for a few days, or stayed for generations.

Pave the Way

They say that in order to create lasting memories, you must first pave the way.
Each life-sized bronze sculpture in the Mississippi River Sculpture Park at St. Feriole Island in Prairie du Chien, WI, are created to tell a story. All of the historical sculptures have been visitors of the Prairie du Chien area. Each bronze sculpture was created by master sculpture Florence Bird.
You, too, can help to preserve these stories in the hearts and minds of future generations. You have the unique opportunity to create a lasting tribute. Pave the way with a commemorative paving brick,.  Click here to learn more..
The individualized inscription on each brick can honor your children or grandchildren, an anniversary, or a in memory of a loved one. The lines of personalized text vary with the size of the brick.
The Mississippi River Sculpture Park is a city-owned park and open, free of charge, year round.

The Fire Circle

The central point of the sculpture park is a 6 foot wide fire circle, where stories are told, songs are sung, and the mythical characters come to life. It is built of local stone with bronze plaques attached to the outside rim. The bronze plaques depict some of the mythical characters and symbols of the many and varied cultures that have come together near this confluence of the Wisconsin and Mississippi rivers. So many people from around the world have met here.

DVD available.

Artist Florence Bird has made a DVD featuring each of the plaques on the fire circle. For a minimum donation of $60.00, the Mississippi River Sculpture Park will send you your very own DVD. Supply is very limited. (Donation Link: http://www.statuepark.org/2014/02/make-donation.html )See this link for a YouTube version of the DVD and further information:http://www.statuepark.org/2014/02/the-fire-circle.html

Mary Ann LaBouche

The Mississippi River Sculpture Park Board of Directors sponsored the “Fun”-Follies on Saturday and Sunday, January 9 and 10th as a fund raiser for the next sculpture to be added to the park. Artist Florence Bird's next creation will be Mary Ann LaBouche - first woman doctor in Prairie du Chien.

Mary Ann LaBouche was born prior to 1774 in Cahokia, Illinois. She was of African and French descent. Mary Ann moved to Prairie du Chien at a young age. She was married three times. Her first husband was a man named DuChouquette and they had two sons.

The second husband was a Gagnier and they had three sons and three daughters. Mary Anne's third husband was Charles Menard and together they had three sons and two daughters. At some point in her adult life she started to care For the sick and injured and delivered babies. When someone needed medical attention Aunt Mary was summoned. Even alter a surgeon was available at Fort Crawford many preferred Aunt Mary's help and her”yarb tea” to restore health.

We are all Familiar with the story of the baby who survived a scalping at the hands of the Winnebago and Red Bird on june 28, 1827. The baby's name was Mary (or Louisa Gagnier). Her Father was Rijeste Gagnier who was killed on that day and her grandmother was Aunt Mary. Aunt Mary's most Famous patient was presumed dead and was being prepared For burial when her breathing was noticed. Aunt Mary took over and nursed her granddaughter back to health. She supposedly put a piece of silver on the wound to cover and protect it.

Mary (Louisa) led a long and normal life. She married twice, her first husband was a man named Moreaux. He died in 1855 and left her with ten children.

The second husband was Coasm Cherrier. He was known by the name Comb. The couple had three children: Magdalene born December 6, 1863, Felix born October 7, 1865 and Louisa born February 29, 1868 and died in infancy.

Mary (Louisa) Cherrier lived to be 80 years old. She always wore a cap or piece of ribbon to cover the crown of her head. There are many in the area who can trace their roots back to Mrs.Cheerier and Aunt Marx

The “Fun” Raising Follies was a wonderful performance of singing, dancing and vaudeville-like acts. We have many talented people living in the area and it was truly a pleasure listening, watching and laughing during the very entertaining show.