Dr. Beaumont and Son Israel: (installed June 10, 2006)

* Florence  Bird, sculptor

screenshot-mail.google.com 2016-05-19 09-55-35_thumbPeople at the Prairie du Chien Historical Society told me about the experiments that Dr. Beaumont performed on his patient, Alexis St.Martin. At the Fort Crawford Medical Museum I saw a picture of Dr.Beaumont and his family including his son Israel. Reginald Horseman from Milwaukee gave a talk about Dr. Beaumont and his family at the unveiling ceremony. The well-known name Beaumont is derived from Dr. Beaumont who was famous for his discoveries of the digestive system observed through the opening into Alexis St.Martin’s stomach, which was from a healed, but not closed bullet wound. These discoveries are still included in present day medical texts.

I chose to portray Dr. Beaumont as a family man and put the image of the caduceus on his coat buttons to signify that he was a medical doctor. When I screenshot-mail.google.com 2016-05-19 09-55-15_thumb[1]learned that Dr. Beaumont had a toupee we had fun at the foundry speculating whether we should make this a separate removable bronze hair piece. I put a frog in the hands of his son Israel, because I figured that little boys are fascinated with live wiggly things.

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