Another First for Sculpture Park - Augmented Reality

There is simply no other park like this in the Midwest. Dare I write, in the US!
Click on image to watch a short video
The Mississippi River Sculpture Park is included in the wiki list of sculpture parks ( This, in itself, is no small accomplishment.

The Mississippi River Sculpture Park has life-sized bronze sculptures. Florence Bird, the Sculptor, recalls: “Finding this deep ancient Mississippi valley and learning of the people who have inhabited this area and whose descendants are still calling this beautiful region home has been a great adventure.”

Today, there are five life-sized sculptures: Chief Black Hawk, Dr. William Beumont and son, Israel, a Victorian Lady, a voyager, and Emma Big Bear. Each one intricately sculpted.

The final stages of fundraising is being completed for the sixth sculpture: Marianne Labuche.

But what would happen if a park visitor focused the camera of their mobile device on each of the sculpture's descriptive sign and, not only saw the sign but superimposed over the sign, the sculpture comes alive and actually talks with you?

That’s what augmented reality is! When the “physical world” and “digital information” are combined, an “augmented reality” is created. This combination is called an “aura”. In this case, the aura is triggered by a sign.

The Mississippi River Sculpture Park is the only public park in Prairie du Chien to offer augmented reality. In fact, it just may be the only park of it's kind in the entire midwest!

HP Reveal is a free mobile app for any web-enabled device that helps to create an “augmented reality”.

It’s easy to get started 

Step 1: Download the app HP Reveal to your web-enabled mobile device

Step 2: Search for and follow MRSP. (mrsp's Public Auras)

Step 3: Point it and watch it come alive.

Test Augmented Reality!

Open HP Reveal on your mobile device. Click the view button at the bottom of the screen. The view button looks like the corners of a square. 
Aim the HP Reveal viewfinder at the image below. Watch what happens.
Does a video Appear? You should be viewing a short video about the Mississippi River Sculpture Park.
Go visit the park. Point HP Reveal at each descriptive sign next to the sculpture. 

Please note: This is not a perfect system. The app is dependent on having an internet connection to work. Additionally, the viewfinder can be finicky. Although we have tried to choose objects that work 100% of the time, a change in lighting or another uncontrollable factor can cause the app to be unable to recognize the image. When the app is not able to recognize the image the overlay will not appear.