"Aunt Marianne" LaBuche Fundraising

Aunt Mariane Labuche
Currently, the Mississippi River Sculpture Park is raising funds for a bronze statue of "Aunt Marianne" LaBuche. Fundraising is led by 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteers of the Mississippi River Sculpture Park.

Marianne Labuche, was the first person to heal the sick in Wisconsin. Her patients called her "Aunt Marianne". Labuche came up the Mississippi River about 1790. She married three times and was the mother of fourteen children. She filled a crucial need in the Wisconsin frontier with her knowledge of herbs, midwifery, and Native American and folk medicine.
Until a fort was erected in Prairie du Chien, 1816, and a surgeon arrived, she attended the sick and attended to them as a physician, and charged fees. After the Fort, she continued to practice among the people of Prairie du Chien. Her talents were put to the test on June 26, 1827, when her baby granddaughter was critically injured during an Indian attack. Labuche covered the exposed brain with a silver plate over which the skin healed. The little girls lived to be 80 years old. (www.statuepark.org)